Friday, December 9, 2011

Antares University - Grenada

Debbie and I are sitting on the pool deck relaxing after completing the Antares University.  We enjoyed our time sailing aboard "Alberta Crewed"  Another Antares owner from Canada who are sailing the south end of the Caribbean.
We enjoyed great weather and sailing conditions for the course.  We had the opportunity to go from bow to stern over the whole boat.  Learn and review all the operating systems. (there are many)  Checked out all the safety systems, engines, plumbing, electrical and sails.  It was also great to talk to Craig & Laurie who have been on their sailboat for a year now and get many helpful hints about what to bring, what to buy etc.  Very informative.

 We also had the opportunity to meet a number of other soon to be Antares owners.  It was great to chat and sail with them.
Lunch at anchor

Us at the helm
It will be hard to come home after two weeks here.  28+ degrees every day, sunny and a warm breeze.  Perfect sailing weather.  I think it is snowing in Orillia today.

Grenada is a beautiful island and we look forward to returning here next December on our own sailboat on our way north.
View from the highest point on the Island
Now it's time to return to the cold Canadian winter and enjoy the Christmas season.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Building of a DREAM!!!

Welcome to our sailing blog.  Debbie and I will be setting out on our sailing adventure in March of 2012.  As we speak our new Antares 44i catamaran "Bella Luna" is being built in the factory in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  In October I travelled to the factory for a visit and view first hand the progress of our boat.  So far it looks like we have hulls and a deck!  These photos will probably not excite you, but we are ex static. Things are coming along very well.

It doesn't look like much right now but she is going to be "Bella".   We will be moving to Argentina at the end of February.  This will give us time to get to know her for a few months on the River Plata and surrounding area before we begin our way north up the coast of Brazil.

In the coming months we will be doing the final preparations, another sailing course, packing, visiting, etc, etc etc.  It will be a busy few months.

We will have more updates and photos as the building progresses.