Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Name is Official

Today Transport Canada approved our sailboat name "Bella Luna".  All the paperwork was submitted for registration two weeks ago.  Now we wait for the final approvals and the documentation to arrive.  We can fly the Canadian flag and will have Toronto as our hailing port.

              The graphics on the stern will look something like this picture.                                                  
The factory that is building our boat sent us a few photos of the progress.  Things are coming along very nicely.

Cockpit area with the grey protective covering on the floor while they work.

                     Helm area with some of the instruments installed.
  The navigation station with all the wiring being pulled under the flooring.

We have booked our tickets to fly to Buenos Aires.  We leave Orillia March 18th.  Lots to do between now and then.  Travel clinic for shots, doctor and dentist appointments, packing and more packing, house jobs to complete, shopping and more shopping, friends and family to visit.   Lots of fun but a very busy time. 
The factory has advised us they plan to splash the boat the week of March 19th.  So we will be in Argentina for it.  Then they need two weeks to finish the boat.  We will likely move aboard sometime during the first week of April. 
Our next post will have a detailed itinerary of our travels for the next 6-8 months.

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