Monday, April 23, 2012

Bella Luna hits the Water

In the factory
Friday April 20th was a very exciting day for Debbie and I.  Bella Luna hit the water in fine style.
The following pictures are of the boat leaving the factory and traveling the 1 km to the launch site.  The road is very skinny and overhead wires and branches are very low.  The workers had to use machetes to cut branches and brooms to hold up the wires.
The driver of the truck used to tow the boat was a very experienced and competent driver.  He did an amazing job of negotiating the roads, turns and launch ramp.

On the trailer
Coming out the door

Onto the road

Towed down the road

Around the first corner

Workers trimming the trees

More trimming

At the boat launch

Hitting the water

In and it floats

The Driver

On the deck

In the water
Stepping the mast

At its mooring

Debbie after a GREAT DAY!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Traveling in Argentina

Iguazu Falls (short i & o - iwozoo)  these stunning falls are shared by Argentina on one side and Brazil on the other.  The weather was gorgeous and the spray refreshing.  In any direction there are cascading ribbons of water and wide rushing falls, rainbows, exotic plants and wild jungle, to take your breath away.  We could hear different languages everywhere as we mixed with visitors from all over the world.   The falls are spectacular from all sides and from the water by boat where we experienced a drenching - it was great!  While hiking the paths and bridges through the jungle we saw wild monkeys and colourful birds, gratefully no snakes!  We are thankful to God every day for how privileged we are to be doing and seeing these amazing things.

Lots of wild llamas to see along the road
The salt flats near, yes Salta!  The cactus is cut out of the salt.  Salt is mined from the surface by bulldozers.  Stayed just a very short time because you can be sunburned in just minutes because of the reflection.
A domestic smaller version llama at our hostel in Purmamarca in the province of Jujuy (hoohooy) - I like saying that one!  So cute! The hostel is nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains with 7 colours in the  rock.  Amazing.
Hostel Posta de Purmamarca
Seven coloured rock in the background of our hostel

Off to Mendoza, wine country.  Amazing view, food served and comfy reclining seats and a "flight attendant"!  Argentinians know how bus tripping should be done! 

Markets like these are everywhere.  

Argentinian Chilean Border in the Andes - 4710 meters or 14,600 ft above sea level.    Thin air for us, so not much running around or actually even fast walking!

Vinyards in Mendoza, especially famous for it's Malbec.  Oaking barrels below.

In the distance, Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas 22,841' above sea level.

Winding road high in the Andes on the way to the Argentine, Chilean border.  Much scarier than it looks!
Ready for our asado (BBQ) after another wonderful day.
Keeping the bife de chorizo hot at the table!

Getting Close

Debbie and I have just returned from 10 days traveling Argentina.  We had a great time and will post about our travels.

Much has been done in the last two weeks so Bella Luna could splash as early as the end of next week!  It is so exciting to see so much happening and so much progress each time we visit.  We have lots to do while we wait to move aboard.  Over two trips, we brought 15 bags down here with us but there are still things to buy to set up "house" on our boat.  It is not as easy to go out and find things here in Argentina.  One is knowing were to go, getting there and then trying to communicate.  It's fun to stand back and watch Debbie negotiate the best deal for us with a non-english speaking sales person.  Even in "spanglish" she is still wheeling and dealing.

 Debbie overlooking the hull work
 Debbie & Santiago inspecting the deck

Until next time,