Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting Close

Debbie and I have just returned from 10 days traveling Argentina.  We had a great time and will post about our travels.

Much has been done in the last two weeks so Bella Luna could splash as early as the end of next week!  It is so exciting to see so much happening and so much progress each time we visit.  We have lots to do while we wait to move aboard.  Over two trips, we brought 15 bags down here with us but there are still things to buy to set up "house" on our boat.  It is not as easy to go out and find things here in Argentina.  One is knowing were to go, getting there and then trying to communicate.  It's fun to stand back and watch Debbie negotiate the best deal for us with a non-english speaking sales person.  Even in "spanglish" she is still wheeling and dealing.

 Debbie overlooking the hull work
 Debbie & Santiago inspecting the deck

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