Monday, November 25, 2013

Yes, I know.  I have heard it from many people about the lack of blogging going on for the last few months.  We are sorry and will make every effort to keep you up to date.

BellaLuna was in the Annapolis boat show in October and if I don't say so myself she looked really good.  After the show Bellaluna was hauled out of the water for a fresh coat of bottom paint.  Debbie and I took this opportunity to drive home and deal with some outstanding business.  My Mother also experienced a health setback so we were able to care for her.  She is getting her energy back and doing much better.

Debbie decided to stay back in Orillia for a few more weeks but I needed to get Bellaluna to warmer climates.  So our friend Tim traveled back to Annapolis to sail with me to Charleston, South Carolina.  We had a great but cold trip.

Tim and I sailed south on Chesapeake Bay and into Norfolk, Virginia.  The US has many navel boat yards in the area making the sail through the area very interesting.  Also, many other boat yards and cargo ship docks.

Naval boat yards

Floating hospital under repair

Cargo ships in Chesapeake Bay

After the many boat yards, the Inter-coastal Waterway starts.  The ICW is a canal, river system that runs from Virginia to Florida.  The main ICW route was closed just south of Norfolk because a lock was broken.  So we took route # 2 through the Dismal Swamp.

Moored overnight at the start of the Dismal Swamp
 The Dismal Swamp is actually a 21 mile long narrow canal with two locks.  Beautiful scenery but one must keep a sharp eye out for logs, branches and wild animals.  After leaving the first lock we traveled with the group from the lock.  So we all watched out and would radio any obstructions.
Two locks raised us 9' each
Traveling between locks

Narrow channel.  Glad we did not meet another catamaran at this point.

Tim at the helm with his five layers of clothing on.  Yes, it was cold!!

Sunrise on a frosty morning

Note the SNOW!!

Tim and I arrived in Charleston, South Carolina.  Tim was a great crew member and I thank him for helping me sail Bellaluna south.  Tim has left and I have been looking after some small jobs on the boat.  Debbie returns tomorrow and we will wait for our weather window and continue south to Florida.

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  1. Glad things are going well for you. Will be in Tortola learning with offshore sailing in early Feb.