Saturday, June 14, 2014

Greetings from Florida.

Debbie and I enjoyed two months of warm weather in the Palm City area and then on February 1st we set sail for Miami.  We wanted to experience at least once the Inter coastal waterway that runs along the east coast of the USA.  So we left Palm City and motored south towards Miami.  There is no sailing in the ICW and no night navigation.  There are many bridges along the route that cause many delays and interesting navigation situations.
There are approximately 55 bridges from the Florida/Georgia border to Miami.  Here are some of the different types.

Selfie cruising the ICW 

Also along the way are many large homes and many meta yachts.  Very interesting scenery.

The high rise condos of Miami

After three days of ICW motoring we arrived in Miami.  We had been asked by Antares ( the company that built our boat) to use Bellaluna as the Miami boat show boat.  We arrived in plenty of time to detail  and ready her for the show.

Bellaluna moored for the boat show

We then spent an enjoyable week touring the boat show and the Miami area.

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