Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Angra dos Reis 

 We realized Friday evening that this is the usual method of arrival of owners and visitors to boats in the marina.  We just thought we would mention this to any of our visitors arriving.  
If possible, please don’t arrive by public taxi to the dingy dock.  This could prove embarrassing for us.  Our new yachting friends don’t use this mode of transportation.  If at all possible arrive by helicopter from the private airport.  This could help us out a great deal in keeping up our new contacts.   Please greet the golf cart pick up service man with a hardy hand shake - like you are a "regular".  We are only two rows over but the golf cart is necessary.  Don’t look back to or pay any attention to your luggage,  it will arrive soon after on another golf cart.  (while, they’re not really friends yet but they are looking over here) lol

After taking in the mall, many noisy helicopter landings, barking dogs, cheering at a local soccer pitch and samba music being blasted across the bay we decided to leave the port of Angra dos Reis area and head to a sandy beach with a protected anchorage. 

Isla Grande is the largest island in the area with many coves, beaches, fishing villages and hiding places.  We found a nice one and settled in for a few days.  This is how we imagined cruising in Bellaluna.

Arrive at an anchorage, launch the kayak, checkout and walk the beach, cool off in the 24.7 degree ocean water (33 degree air temperature), enjoy a bbq supper.  Then sit back and watch the sun sink into the mountain range to the west.  WOW!!

We were recommended a quiet anchorage with a very nice beach as a destination for the weekend.  It was also a good location because a south west storm front was coming in and this anchorage would provide safe protection.  We arrived late afternoon and found only a couple of boats in the area.  By 7pm they were gone and we had the beach to ourselves.  The next morning was a different story.  Starting at 9:30am the boats started arriving.  As it turned out this beach was party central.  Even a floating boat bar/restaurant arrived and would take orders on channel 10 (VHF radio).  We sat back and were entertained by the many boaters.  I lost count at over 100 boats in this beach area.  Again by 7pm we were alone.  The storm whipped up that night for a little rolling action, but were safe and sound.

Now we are mooring BellaLuna until September 1st when we will continue our sailing adventure.  Canada is calling and we are excited about seeing our friends and family and especially about our daughter Bethany's wedding.

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  1. Glad you are having fun guys. We loved Angra do Reis. Looking forward to seeing you in the Caribbean next year.