Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We are back on board BellaLuna

Debbie and I have returned to Angra dos Reis, Brazil after 6 weeks back in Canada.  The main reason for returning to Canada was the wedding of our daughter Bethany to Rob Readman.

The Beautiful Bride

Bethany & Rob

Mom, Gord and the  Bride & Groom

Debbie & Gord

Laura, Bethany & Jordan

The Family 

The Dance

The location and weather was great and the celebration was wonderful.  Congratulations Bethany & Rob.

Now it's back to BellaLuna.  Debbie and I travelled 36 hours with 8 bags to get here.  We have both decided that airports are no fun anymore.  Three legs of the trip, 4 hour delay in Washington, overnight flight with no sleep and a crazy cab driver from Rio to Angra.  But, we arrived safely and have spent the last few days unpacking, cleaning, reading, sleeping and of course shopping.

We have added a new option to our dingy.
The 25 hp outboard just didn't cut it anymore!!
What do you think???

It was great to see so many family and friends while we were home.  Now we will be continuing our touring of the many islands and beaches in this area and then preparing to sail north up the coast of Brazil to Grenada.  Our plan right now is to leave Angra sometime around November 1st.

The weather here is terrific.  Just starting their spring.  We are enjoying 25 degree temperatures with mostly sunny days.  The water temperature is very nice also.  24 degrees and very refreshing after a long walk on the beach.


  1. Have fun guys and enjoy. We LOVED this area. Looking forward to following your travels and seeing you in the Caribbean next year.

  2. Hi Gordon, I just read your article at and found your blog googleing "gordon moon ontario canada". I'm Brazilian and live in Rio de Janeiro and I just want to say that I appreciate the very realistic way you described your visit to Ilha Grande, Paraty and the Costa Verde area. My wife and I love that area and have spent a few vacations hiking Ilha Grande, never tired of coming back again and again. I just bought a piece of land nearby and plan to build myself a 16 feet sailing boat, as soon as we have our house built there. That will be perhaps 2 years from now. Then we will be nearby the paradise you've met and can revisit more frequently. Congratulations for your beautiful boat and lots of good sailiings to you and your wife. Regards, Silvio Martins