Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Continued Enjoyment

It's hard to believe we have been back on Bella Luna for three weeks since our trip to Canada.  Time is flying by.

We have enjoyed fantastic weather for the last number of weeks.  But all good things must come to an end.  The forecast for the next week is rain, rain and more rain.  Time to find a nice protected anchorage and settle into a good book.

The last week we spent at a very quiet anchorage called Sitio Forte on Ilha Grande.  The anchorage provided mooring balls and even fresh spring fed water to a large rock in the middle of the bay.

The water rock

Hooking up the hose

We have water
It was great.  We were able to fill up our fresh water tanks and give the boats a wash.

After the cleaning and fill up day we hiked the island and were treated to some beautiful vistas and nature sights.  There is a trail that runs completely around Ilha Grande.  So every anchorage we go to we head out on the trail.

Hiking Trail Around the Island

Local Beach House

Mini farm

The Happy Hiker
Looks like a poinsettia...has a poinsettia is a poinsettia!!

Yesterday we returned to Angra for some groceries, shopping and some boat service.  This afternoon we will sail to Abraao on Ilha Grange.  This is apparently a small fishing village and a quiet anchorage.  Sunday we have been invited to a birthday party for a new friend Federico.  He and his wife are from Argentina and will be sailing to Antarctica.  Now that's adventurous!  We will pull out a bottle of Malbec to toast the birthday boy.

This is a photo of our thermometer.  WARM!!!!

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